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Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters – Bandai Namco Introduces The World To Two More Appli Monsters


As a twenty-two year old living in an age of cynicism, it’s not often that I wake up of a morning, catch wind of an exciting piece of news, and am rendered giddy in delight as a cause of it, but it is franchises like Digimon that have a certain grasp on me that I feel will never let go. Overnight, Bandai Namco Entertainment have updated the official Japanese site for their upcoming video game based upon the multi-media franchise expansion; Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.

This update, whilst insignificant to some, introduces audiences to two more Appli Monsters based on both Online and Offline gaming, whilst also re-introducing us to those who were first revealed alongside this cross-media project. The screenshots featured below are taken from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title that will use the same name, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, but the Digimon shown will not be exclusive to said game, they will appear in every facet of the project.


Onmon is a Game-Type Appli Monster that adores not only online gaming but anything that allows you to connect to others remotely. It features a soldier-like motif, reminiscent of popular online video game titles.


Offmon is a Game-Type Appli Monster that enjoys it’s alone time, preferring Offline gaming to that of Online. It features an adventurer-like motif, reminiscent of popular single-player video games.


Gacchimon is a Social-Type Appli Monster that is quite learned. It has the ability to search the gathered information of the World Wide Web quickly and thoroughly, learning about many things as it does so. It’s design is based off of the search application featured on all contemporary mobile phones.


Dokamon is a Game-Type Appli Monster that loves a good rumble. It’s hand-to-hand combat proficiency comes from it being based on a Fighting game app. It enjoys battles of all kind, but is excited when it can go toe-to-toe with an incredibly powerful opponent.


Musimon is an Entertainment-Type Appli Monster that can appreciate all different musical genres. Not only does this Appli Monster enjoy listening to music, it also has quite a love for the creation of music, which it can do with great ease.


Hackmon is a System-Type Appli Monster that has the ability to hack and corrupt anything data-built being it comes into contact with. It is an Appli Monster that can instantly detect a weakness in others and exploit it without thinking twice. It is said that Hackmon have the potential to bring great devastation to the world. It bares a striking resemblance to the Saviour Digimon Huckmon (named “Hackmon” in English translations).


Navimon is a Navigation-Type Appli Monster that always knows which way to go. It’s extensive knowledge geological layouts allows this Appli Monster to know exactly how to get to wherever it wishes without relying on estimations of simply guesses. It’s design motif is based off of most Map applications that can be found on contemporary mobile phones.


Cameramon is a Tool-Type Appli Monster that is based off of the camera app featured on all contemporary mobile phones. These Applimon are incredibly fast, and use flashes as tools to overcome their enemy. They can also hack into any camera system across the world, making it almost impossible to hide from.


Viramon is a Life-Type Appli Monster somewhat similar to that of Hackmon. It is a Appli Monster than can easily influence others by installing a specialty-made virus into their systems, forcing them to go haywire.


Dogacchimon is a Social-Type Appli Monster that is actually the fusion between Gacchimon and Navimon. It is an incredibly powerful Appli Monster that is quick, knowledgable, and determined. It’s special technique is the “Dogacchi Buster”.

The Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Nintendo 3DS game is set for a release across Japan sometime in the Fall, and the Anime series is set to air on TV Tokyo this October.


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