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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Introducing Rie and Crusadermon


There’s not much that excites me more than the prospect of a new ‘Digimon’ video game. Unfortunately for me and my ‘Digimon-loving’ brothers and sisters, the last couple of games to be announced and released…never made it out of Japan. I know…soul crushing. That’s OK though because we’re all keeping up hope. We’re praing to all the Digi-Gods we know as we practically beg Bandai Namco Games to bring some of these titles out West. The latest piece of news from the upcoming ‘Digimon Story’ game, ‘Syber Sleuth’, is the addition of two new characters to the story.

One being a human and the other being a high-level ‘Digimon’, these two will play quite a set of important roles in the events of the game. Why else would they be introducing us to them early? Previously revealed was a character named Kyoko Kuremi who, if you dont recall, is a super sexy female detective with legs that go on for ages…*cough cough*…Excuse me. Well the new character introuced today happens to be just as sexy and she goes by the name Crusadermon (LordKnightmon). I guess Rie Kishibe, the other character, is pretty good-looking too.

Despite what I’ve just said, it’s not all about the looks! Crusadermon has been titled the Digital World’s strongest citizen but in regards to the actual game this ‘Digimon’ is a mysterious assassin who you’ll come into contact with quite a lot while searching the ‘Digital World’. Rie, on the other hand, is on your side. She is the Operating Officer of EDEN and will help you out as you dive deeper into the investigation. Clearly this game is targeted at older audiences, especially with it’s salacious cast (I’m talking the doods too, ladies!) and the return of older ‘Digimon’. I can’t wait for this game but I feel as though my heart is restraining me so as not to get hurt by possible news that this game will not be reaching the West. Oh, ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’, come to us! Please! The game is set to be released in Japan in 2015 on the PlayStation Vita.


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