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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Fear The Eden Syndrome!



‘Digimon’ shouldn’t be the only thing a human is scared of, especially when they’re living in the world of ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ where a digital disease is more damaging than any metallic monster you’d see wandering the net. Being a ‘Digidestined’ used to be easy: A beam of benevolent light would shine down upon you, a small device would appear in your hand and you’d eventually find a digi-pal to hang with while you battle the forces of evil…That’s not so much the case in the upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive.

4Gamers, the Japanese online publication, today updated their site to include a bunch of extra information regarding the upcoming game, most of which happens to revolve around this strange new disease and a monochromatic character you’ll meet while investigating. Heading into cyberspace in ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ is actually quite bad for your health, so check yourself before you digi-wreck yourself. Those who have come into contact with ‘Digimon’ and are constantly coming back and forth between the real world and what is called ‘Cyberspace Eden’ may develop something called ‘Eden Syndrome’.

It could be because the modded Digivices these characters all own are taking a real toll on their bodies. It could be because the nerves in their brains simply cannot handle the large amounts of electrical data flowing through their bodies. It could be the next big plague, one that just so happens to come from an invisible world that exists somewhere on the internet. No matter what exactly it is…it’s hurting people and it’s up to you, the main character of this game, to figure out how to stop it once and for all. The government, looking out for it’s citizens, make sure each and every person afflicted by this ‘syndrome’ gets put into a hospital.

Digimon-Story-Cyber-Sleuth-September-Art-Assets-Image-01This is both for their well-being and to also keep the new disease under wraps. What better place is there to investigate the affliction than that of the place where all the victims are being treated? There you will meet a young girl named Yuko Kamashiro who, just like you, is also investigating the phenomenon. A close friend of hers has fallen victim to the ‘Eden Syndrome’ and she feels as though it’s up to her to figure it all out before it’s too late. This means you’ll be doing a great deal of work for her.

Alongside all this information came some new screenshots from the game of which is looking better and better the more we see of it. Now let’s just hope it gets that Western release the masses have been campaigning for. ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ is still in development and has been set for a vague 2015 release on the PlayStation Vita in Japan.


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