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Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion – Second Teaser Trailer Released

Digimon-Adventure-Tri-Second-Trailer-Screenshot-01Chances are, if you grew up with Digimon…you’ll never grow out of Digimon. How do I know this? Because literally everybody I know of that loved Digimon as children still have great feelings for it now, that’s why the prospect of these Digimon Adventure Tri films is so exciting! Now let me ask you a question: Who was the first enemy Digimon the DigiDestined and their partners faced off against when they discovered each other in the Digital World? If you said Kuwagamon, you’d be right. If you said “Who cares! Let’s just see the new trailer!” you’d also be right.

Digimon Adventure Tri’s first movie, subtitled “Reunion“, sees the original DigiDestined crew, well…reunite with their long lost digital pals. Fact is; troubles not too far around the corner. Before the group even get a chance to fully embrace each others’ company, they’re attacked by none other than Kuwagamon. The same Kuwagamon? Perhaps, but unconfirmed. Agumon, like he did in the very beginning, springs to action and takes on the gargantuan beetle once again, ending a grudge match that has lasted all this time.

Now that the scene has been set, allow me to introduce you to the brand-new teaser trailer: The second one to be released as of right now, this trailer shows, more or less, the same visuals we’ve all seen in the past. While we get a nice shot of Taichi Kamiya sporting modern visuals, the more exciting element of the trailer is being able to hear the voices of the kids who, on several occasions, have saved our non-digital world. I can go on all day…but I’ll spare you, instead I’ll just lead you to the new trailer which has been provided just below.

On November the 21st, Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion will be shown in theatres across Japan for a limited time only. Us living in the West may never see these films hit our shores but we will certainly be praying to Jesmon that they indeed do. Regardless, we have trailers, one of which is right here:


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