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Digimon Adventure Tri Part Two: Determination First Preview Trailer Released


If you’re Digimon fans who have not yet watched the first film of the Digimon Adventure Tri series, well…I’m very disappointed in you, and that includes my fellow writers Kane Bugeja and Luke Halliday who also have not found the time to experience possibly one of the best pieces of Digimon media in the modern day. It’s fine though, you all have time to catch up before the second movie, Determination, gets it’s release, which has just been announced for March this year alongside the reveal of a preview trailer that only serves as fuel to the digital fire burning in my soul.

March 12th is when the next movie will get a theatrical release across the great country of Japan, with Crunchyroll possibly picking it up for legal Western distribution sometime after. I mean…it’s what they did with the first movie, an educated assumption is that they’ll do the same with the second. Unlike the first film, Determination will not entirely focus on the character of Yamato (Matt) and Taichi (Tai). No, this film will focus on two DigiDestined in particular; Mimi Tachikawa, and Joe Kido, as the flowers of their relationship with their respective digital partners once again blossoms. It is also the first time the Mega Digivolutions of their partner Digimon Palmon and Gomamon will be seen in Anime form, so make sure to keep an eye out for Rosemon and Vikemon.

Also making mysterious appearances in the latest trailer is the Digimon Emperor from season two of the Anime and a Dark Imperialdramon who looks as though will serve as the film’s antagonist alongside, I assume, the forces of Alphamon and whoever the true driving force behind his attacks are. Watch thought the preview yourself and let me know if there’s anything I have missed, or anything that I may have gotten wrong. Enjoy!


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