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Digimon Adventure Tri. D-3 Digivice Now Up For Pre-Order Courtesy Of Bandai


Heck, I could’ve been a Digidestined, you know? Had I believed hard enough…and taken enough mind-altering hallucinogenic drugs to the point wherein which I was locked in a perpetual state of disconnection from the real world. That could’ve been me saving the world, dammit! Still, despite my regrets, I do want to be a Digidestined, and thus I take alternative routes. Quite some time ago, Bandai released a “proplica” (prop/replica) of the original Digivices held by Tai and Matt of Digimon Adventure. These Digivices, different from the working video game Digivices, light up and play sounds recognisable from the original series and also, because of it’s release, from the new set of films; Digimon Adventure Tri.

Well, because they sold so darn well, Bandai are planning on releasing another version of those Digivices, this time though they will be modeled after the devices seen in the series’ second season. You know, with Davis, and Ken, and Cody, and T.K., and Kari…again. That one! Those Digivices, also known as the D-3, have now been put up on the official Bandai online store web page and, like their predecessors, will play sounds and songs from the series and it’s new movies. This new pieces of hot merchandise will be released in two different styles; one modeled after T.K.’s, and the other modeled after Kari’s, so you have a choice between green and pink.

Alongside the D-3 Digivices, Bandai also revealed a new set of plush Digimon dolls featuring all the original cast including Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Patamon, Gatomon, Palmon, Biyomon, Gomamon, and Meicoomon, who is a new addition to the digital crew. The D-3 Digivices will set you back a hefty 7,020 Yen, and the set of plush Digital Partners will cost you about 10,692 yen. Expensive, sure, but also incredibly limited, so it’s worth the purchase!


Now, my assumption is that you want more information on these new items, right? Good! Because I know a place wherein which you can educate yourself to your hearts content; it’s another news website! No, no, no, I’m only kidding, what I’m actually referring to is the official Bandai webstore site, which you can get to by Clicking Here (Digivice), and Clicking Here (Plush Toys). Don’t spend too much now! You have groceries to buy, and rent to pay!


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