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Digimon Adventure Anime Sequel – New Teaser Image Revealed


The official website for the upcoming Digimon Adventure Anime sequel was only just updated and it now features a new teaser image/message that is, in short; so very heart-warming. Heading over to the site, you’ll be confronted by a furry little guy called Botamon who happens to be the baby form of the franchise mascot Agumon.

Clicking on the egg which appears on the site, will have Botamon hatch. After it hatches you can interact with it by petting the cutie. After it has had its fill, it will offer you another clickable icon which, when clicked, will open up another browser window that just so happens to feature the image you can see above. Appearing in both Japanese and/or English, this little message to the Digimon fans basically outlines the start of a 17 year old Tai’s morning of which I assume we’ll be seeing once the first episode of the Anime airs.

Though short, it’s written beautifully and really gets the heart pumping. When there’s hype to be built, this seems like the way to do it. The new series isn’t getting a release anytime soon BUT it is in the foreseeable future so keep your eyes out for more news and updates as they come about.

Check it out:



  1. I love the way that they’re doing the promo for the new series. This is probably my most anticipated show in years.

    • Frank Inglese says

      Too true! It’s not so in your face, it’s subtle and it’s just nice. I cannot wait.

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