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Detective Pikachu is the Private Eye in Demand


No one cares about the next Pokemon game or any of the recent spin-offs right now, as all they want is a title that doesn’t even bear the Pokemon name, but stars a very unlikely variation of the beloved Pikachu: Great Detective Pikachu.

It’s clear by now that this is no joke, as an adventure game starring a talking Pikachu with a deep manly voice, and wearing a classic Sherlock Holmes hat, does indeed exist in the Japanese eShop. Not to mention it’s not too expensive a release either. As for the thought process and discussion that lead to the inception of this game, and helped make it all the way as a complete product… I can’t even fathom.

As strange as the game is, fans all over the world want it badly. There’s been petitions begging not only for a localisation, but to have none other than Hollywood legend Danny DeVito provide the English voice for Detective Pikachu. He’s done some great voice work in the past, and if this petition works and Nintendo get Danny on board for the localisation… then man… the world will honestly be a much better place.

Stranger things have happened in gaming… not really, no… you can’t get any weirder than an official Nintendo release starring a deep-voiced talking Pikachu that solves crime.


You can check out the petition to get Danny DeVito on Detective Pikachu by clicking the link below. It’s already got over 25,000 signatures.

Get Danny DeVito to Voice the English Version of Detective Pikachu

Here’s a version of the trailer by YouTuber, Teahollow1, featuring voice clips of Danny DeVito in  case you needed to be convinced.


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