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Destroy STIs And Your Childhood With These Sailor Moon-Themed Condoms

sailor-moon-contraceptive-ad-01Sexually Transmitted Infections are still quite an issue across the world. This is just one of those things that hasn’t changed despite years of development to prevent their spread. It’s easy enough to use condoms while partaking in the act, but many people prefer to go about it without the prophylactic and this is when issues arise. It is apparent that, over in Japan, the spread of diseases like syphilis is far too common in young men and women, so common in fact that the government has publicly kicked off a new campaign that is to promote safe sex in, for lack of better words…quite the unconventional way.

Collaborating with Naoko Takeuchi, the Japanese Government have begun using imagery of the hit Manga/Anime/Pop Culture Phenomenon Sailor Moon to urge young men and women to not only get tested for sexually transmitted diseases but to actively work against preventing them. In a majority of medical institutions across Japan you will now be able to catch glimpses of the Pretty Guardian herself exclaiming “If you don’t get tested, I’ll punish you!” (not a joke) or quotes of a similar nature in an attempt to win over young audiences.

Alongside these widespread posters, the Japanese Government have also begun distributing a series of condoms each of which are also represented by Sailor Moon herself and come in cute love heart-style packaging. These condoms will too feature some sort of edited quote that will convince you to actually wear them while in the midst of love-making. While dark theories about old television shows does well to defuse one’s nostalgia, nothing destroys your childhood like wrapping your privates in it and using it to perform carnal acts. Truth be told though, I’m waiting for the Dragon Ball Z condoms to get a market release, I hear they glow brighter the harder you’re working.



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