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Date John Cena in Hilarious New Visual Novel Dating Sim Games


We have had visual novel dating sims about seducing a flock of birds but it looks like things have officially jumped the shark in the world of visual novels. The latest dating sim that has taken the internet by storm is the hilarious bad John Cena’s Sexy High School Adventure, which is more ridiculous than its name implies if you could believe it.

The game plays in the traditional Japanese visual novel style, with dialogue guiding the story over imagery, with your decisions taking the story into different directions. If you choose wrong you could get a bad end and if you choose right, well you might just get wrestled by John Cena (wrestling is a euphemism for sex in case you missed it).

Not only has this insane visual novel taken the internet by storm but it has already gotten a sequel John Cena’s Sexy High School Adventure 2: AA’s Through Time, which is believe it or not a Back to the Future parody starring an entire cast of John Cenas throughout different time periods such as the year 216969.

So if you ever wanted to romance John Cena or a variety of poorly MS Paint drawn-on clones of him, jump right into Cena High and get ready to hit the AA and go in for the pin. You can download the game for free here. Be warned though you may never be the same again after being pinned by Cena-senpai. You may just get a BAD END at the bottom of that Attitude Adjustment. Doo doo da doo! Doo doo da doo. Oh lord…


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