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“Dark Souls II” – “Crown Of The Sunken King” DLC Now Available


Every once in a while, games like “Dark Souls” come around and shake up the video game world as we know it, sending players in to frenzy of constant death and frustrating addiction. As those players get closer to actually finishing the game, it’s developers decide to release a DLC that hooks them back in for more hours of terror and confusing enjoyment.

This is the beauty of the DLC pack; just as you think you’re about to leave a game behind, you’re given something to entice you to keep playing. Japanese developers FromSoftware alongside Bandai Namco Games have today announced that the first of the DLC trilogy for the highly-addictive fantasy title ‘Dark Souls II’ titled ‘Crown Of The Sunken King’ is available to download on all consoles where the game can be played. Including Steam. This new DLC adds a whole bunch of content to the already terrifyingly long video game and kicks off a new storyline that will span over three DLC releases.

Head to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Marketplace or Steam store to grab yourself the video game addition and, while you’re there, maybe you should just pick up the season pass which will give you access to all three of the ‘Lost Crowns’ trilogy DLC…When they’re released. Now I know a lot of you ‘Dark Souls’ fans who are reading actually stopped to go to their console and download the new DLC but I urge you read on because this is what Bandai Namco had to say about the release:

Stalwart fans of DARK SOULS II will want to immediately head over to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, or STEAM to purchase and download this newest chapter in the unyielding Dark Souls franchise. Players that are brave enough to take on this arduous journey will find new environments, enemies, traps, and bosses to conquer as they embark on a journey to reclaim the crowns that Drangleic’s King Vendrick once owned. Crown of the Sunken King features an entirely different world within the DARK SOULS II universe, where stepped pyramids span a vast underground cavern and death lays in wait around every corner. – Bandai Namco Games

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