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Danganronpa: Unlimited Blade – The Very First Mobile Game In The Series

Danganronpa-Unlimited-Blades-Screenshot-01Now THIS is what “Danganronpa” fans have been asking for ever since the release of the first game! Yes, this is true; Spike Chunsoft have today announced that they will soon be releasing an iOS/Mobile game titled “Danganronpa: Unlimited Blade” which, unlike the rest of the titles in the series, will feature no real puzzle solving and, in fact, none of the gameplay elements fans of the series have come to know and love.

This upcoming free-to-play game will star the main cast of the first “Danganronpa” game and will play host to a gameplay style somewhat similar to that of “Angry Birds”. Basically you choose a team of your four favorite characters and use slingshot-like touch controls to send them flying into enemies. Spike Chunsoft have also said that each of the characters are going to have spoken dialogue lines during “action scenes”, whatever that means, and that each of the voice artists from the main game will reprise their roles for this one.

As of right now that’s all we really know about the game but I think that may be all we really need to know. An obvious cash grab for the series, “Danganronpa: Unlimited Blade”, while free to play, will give players the choice to purchase many in-app extras like more lives or hyper boosts and things of that calibre very similar to what we see in literally every single free-to-play mobile game. Let’s just hope the money they make from this game gets put to some good use.


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