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Danganronpa 3 Is In Development…But You Won’t Be Seeing It For Quite Some Time

Danganronpa-Monokuma-Laugh-Image-01I woke up this morning feeling pretty happy. I went to bed early, I got a good sleep, I got up feeling refreshed, but something just wasn’t right. If anything, I was TOO happy and I needed to nip that in the bud before I got any happier. Thank the Lords above that this news came about because a little despair is exactly what I needed to bring back down to the level.

Kodaka Kazutaka, while conversing with some very lucky people over at Polygon, revealed that the third “Danganronpa” video game is indeed in development but that a huge percentage of it is still very much in the early stages. As of right now, says Kazutaka, the game has yet to have been written but that’s what the team is working on presently.

Fact is; “Danganronpa 3” IS coming…it will just be a while before we actually see it completed and released. That’s fine though, because all the good fans need to know is that it is indeed on the way.

After the incredible ending of the second game I can’t imagine where the team would go with the next instalment but I’m so happy to know that will actually be one so I don’t care as much. So long as they do as good a job as in “Goodbye Despair” than that’s all that matters. Upupupupupu!


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