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Crunchyroll Picks Up Streaming Rights For “Terra Formars” Anime


Arguably one of the most anticipated Anime series’ of the Fall season, ‘Terra Formars’ has just been picked up by online Anime distributor Crunchyroll. The series, based on Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s Manga series of the same name, follows a crew of ‘astronauts’ who have been sent to Mars on an extermination mission of which they may not return. Two OVA episodes have already aired in Japan and serve as somewhat of a prequel to the Anime.

What was shown in the two episode arc was that of what happened in the first Manga volume so my suggestion is that you pick it up and give it a read through before you head to Crunchyroll to watch the series. No actual episode count has been released as of yet so when it comes to that we’re pretty much in the dark. My hopes: The series goes on for as long as it possibly can. I reviewed the first volume of the Manga (Click Here to read) and immediately fell in love with the series so I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming Anime.

Crunchyroll has said that the first episode will air on the 26th of September which, if you’re reading this on the day it was posted, means you’ll be enjoying the Anime brilliance that is ‘Terra Formars’ in little under twenty four hours. As usual, premium Crunchyroll members will be eligible to watch the episodes first and free members having to wait an extra week before they can indulge themselves. It’s just another reason to go premium. Set your alarm for 9:30am Pacific Standard Time and get ready to be more afraid of cockroaches than ever before.


TERRAFORMARS makes its anime debut as a startling work of science fiction and adventure. With Earth becoming increasingly overpopulated, an ambitious plan has been put into place to terraform Mars using mold and cockroaches. Nearly 500 years after the plan, a mission to Mars, Annex 1, is under way to accomplish crucial research into the Virus currently plaguing mankind with the crew members who’ve been injected with various DNA of life on Earth in order to combat the Terraformars, giant humanoid cockroaches.

Animation production will be by relatively new studio LIDEN FILMS, also known for their previous work on AIURA and Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life. Voice actor Hidenobu Kiuchi, also known as Hei in Darker than Black, stars as Shokichi Komachi, Kaito Ishikawa, who also voiced Shunshin You in Ace of the Diamond, plays Marcos, Shizuka Ito, known for her role as Boota in Gurren Lagann, is cast as Michelle, and Yoshimasa Hosoya, also known as Wave in Akame ga Kill!, plays Akari Hizamaru. – Crunchyroll


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