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Criminal Girls: Invite Only Set to Launch in Early February


Behold the faces of evil…

Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of Hell on a journey of absolution? Me neither, because it sounds scary. But now you can anyway! NIS America has just announced that Criminal Girls: Invite Only will hit the PS Vita in February for North America and Europe, on the 3rd and 5th respectively.

Seven delinquents, seven sins, and only one way out. Just hired for a new, mysterious job, you soon discover that this isn’t your normal prison gig. You’ve been entrusted with the care of a crew of girls whose sins have damned their souls to Hell and an eternity of punishment… Their only hope of salvation is for you to recognize their unique histories, and to guide them along the path to redemption. Navigate through the four trials of the Redemption Program, and motivate your crew of delinquents to learn the skills to redeem themselves.

However, your quest will be met with trials and tribulations from both sides. You see, the Criminal Girls have minds of their own and do not react too kindly to being ignored. So you must listen to the desires of your team if you wan’t to emerge victorious and utilise the list of skills, spells and combo attacks at your disposal. You can also connect with the girls via one on one motivational sessions that make use of the PS Vita’s front and back touchscreens, otherwise known as the part that got censored. Regardless, enjoy the first Criminal Girls game to make its way to the West, complete with the previously unplayable Miu and Kimekami. More game game for your buck as it were. Though I wonder what all these girls did to net themselves eternal damnation…



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