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Crash landing – Nintendo Announces And Releases EarthBound Beginnings For The Wii U


Coming straight out of left field is another one of Nintendo’s pre-E3 announcements, this time of a classic video game title never released outside of Japan…until now. One of the few video games that possessed me to buy myself a Wii U console was none other than Earthbound. It, alongside games like Mega Man Battle Network and Splatoon, justified paying full price for a console I didn’t even know I’d enjoy…well I’m even more delighted now that Nintendo and video game industry great Shigesato Itoi have announced that they have now released the original Mother game on the Wii U Virtual Console in both Europe and North America.

Both announced and released on the same day, the newly titled EarthBound Beginnings is a direct port of the fantastic RPG from twenty six years ago but now in full English. For the first time legally, players from outside of Japan will be able to finally experience the journey of Earth’s original psychic saviour Ninten. They can then follow their playthrough of EarthBound Beginnings with EarthBound, both of which are now available on the Wii U.

EarthBound freaks like myself have been praying for more of the series to be released in the West ever since we first got out crazy claws on the first available game and now, after such a long time, we’ve been given the second of three legendary titles. Now what we need is for Nintendo to really pull their socks up and bring us a legal, English version of Mother 3 just so when people get creamed by a renegade Lucas in Super Smash Bros. they’ll know exactly who it was that just dished out one hell of an ass beating!

Nintendo didn’t simply “announce” the game, they gave viewers the pleasure of two videos. Granted, one WAS to actually announce the game, but the other, well…that one is a very special message from the man behind the series; Shigesato Itoi himself. Before you jump onto your console to grab yourself a copy of the game, first watch the videos provided below. You wont regret it!

Announcement Trailer:

A Message From Shigesato Itoi:


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