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Cracka-lacka Boom Boom! – Level-5 To Release The Yo-Kai Watch Demo Very Soon


You seriously cannot wait to play Yo-Kai Watch, can you? Yeah, me neither. I’d give my soul to be able to have a full copy of the upcoming game early but unfortunately no otherworldly entity has appear to fulfil my wish. We can’t all be as lucky as Luke Halliday and Kane Bugeja who attended this years EB Expo and were given the chance to play the game long before it gets a release down here in Australia, but Level-5 and Nintendo are doing something pretty awesome; they’re planning on releasing the Yo-Kai Watch demo across North America during the new 3DS update which is to come on the 22nd of the month. This means anyone with a 3DS living in the USA can download their very own demo copy of the game and play to their hearts content. Nothing has been said regarding when a demo will be released outside of North America but, chances are, it will come around the same time. Unfortunately nothing has been confirmed by either of the two companies so please do not take my word for it.

Nothing has been said about what will be featured in the personal version of the Yo-Kai Watch by my educated assumption is that it will be almost exactly the same as the version people played at the aforementioned EB Expo. I would like to say that all the progress you make throughout the demo will continue over into the real game but, once again, this is something that hasn’t been confirmed. I give Level-5 the benefit of the doubt and they usually do pretty cool things along those lines but, at this point in time, it’s nothing but hopeful banter to say the very least. Either way, keep an eye out on your Nintendo 3DS’ for when the update comes along and you’ll get the chance to personally try out Yo-Kai Watch. Exciting, right?

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