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Could Tokyo Ghoul Really Be The Next To Get A Live-Action Film Adaptation?

Tokyo-Ghoul-Volume-7-Leaked-Image-01We all knew this was coming, right? To be honest, I’m quite surprised this hasn’t happened already. Sui Ishida’s Dark Fantasy Manga Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular contemporary Manga outdoing that of Attack On Titan in recent times. Thanks to it’s dark themes and unapologetic gore, Tokyo Ghoul quickly became a series to capture the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, so you can imagine why I’m shocked that news of a live-action adaptation wasn’t confirmed a while ago.

Serving as a follow up to the original Manga, Tokyo Ghoul:re takes place two years after the shocking events of the first series, and across Japan the seventh volume of said series is about to be released. Fortunately for those of you out there with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, an image of this particular volume was leaked before it has gotten the chance to be released, revealing an exciting piece of news that will divide audiences almost instantly.

Unlike many Manga released in the West, Japanese volumes often feature cover bands that advertise something to do with the series of which it is featured alongside. For Tokyo Ghoul:re volume seven it happens to be a teaser outlining the possibility of a live-action film based on that of the original Manga series. Apart from that, nothing else was revealed with the leaking of this image apart from the fact that more details about this interesting piece of news will be featured within the pages of the next issue of Weekly Young Jump Magazine.

Now, as you can probably imagine, many people across the internet have already turned their noses up at the prospect of another live-action film adaptation of a popular Manga series, and I honestly don’t blame them. I, for one, would like to first see what this movie is going to look like before laying down any sort of judgement. It is a well-known fact that the CGI used in many Japanese films isn’t too great, and Tokyo Ghoul being what it is, it is going to feature heavy use of it, but who knows…it could actually be kind of good.

Fact is; this leaked image does not confirm a live-action adaptation, it merely states that there are plans in place to begin developing one. Until the next issue of Weekly Young Jump comes out and more information is revealed, this is still quite a mysterious piece of news.


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