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Could Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Really Be Coming To The West?

Digimon-Story-Cyber-Sleuth-Gabumon-Screenshot-01The 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo is now more or less over for the year. Fans were rocked by some incredible announcements and left unimpressed by others; much like the expo from last year, the year before, and every other one prior to that. It’s simply how these things go. Bandai Namco Games really brought their A-Game this year by announcing Dark Souls 3, alongside some other big titles, but one of the video games fans were hoping to hear about was simply not mentioned at all. That game is the PlayStation Vita’s own Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth; a Digimon video game made for the generation that grew alongside the franchise from conception to current times.

This RPG title has been in the hearts and minds of the fans ever since it was announced and it will continue to stay that way until it is firmly in our hands. Well although it wasn’t spoken about at E3, it seems as though Amazon Canada want people in a bit of a fact-finding frenzy seeing as they’ve listed the game for pre-order and have stated that it will be getting a release on the 31st of December 2016, a date so very far away from where we are right. Apart from it not being officially announced, what else is weird about this listing is that it is titled Digimon WORLD: Cyber Sleuth rather than story and that it is listed as a PlayStation 4 game rather than that of a Vita.

Now let’s consider this is legitimately planned for the West; the name change does seem appropriate seeing as there have been many Digimon World titles that have come before it, and the fact that it is listed as a PS4 game is also somewhat understandable considering Bandai Namco’s recent track record of porting Vita games to the new system. Either way, true or false, it has gotten me very much excited simply thinking about the grand possibility of this game hitting the West and I guarantee there are many of you out there who feel very much the same.


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