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Computer Developed Just For Use By Light Novelists


For every profession in the world there are a certain set of skills needed to be able to complete specific goals quickly and at a high quality standard, but skills can only get you so far. Sometime to do the best work you need the best tools.

That’s why Architects have digital design programs and Illustrators have graphics tablets. A long time ago, Writers would use typewriters get get their pieces done but it’s now 2015 and we have absolutely no need for such dated pieces of equipment. Most Writers nowadays use stand computers running pretty standard word document programs but now things are about to change.

Three different computer technology websites have come together to developed a brand-new computer to be used especially for writing Light Novels. Now I’m not sure whether or not the computer will stop an individual from writing a full-sized novel so let’s just assume it’s for all different types of Writer despite it only being listed as a model for “Light Novelists”.


This computer is small, light, and doesn’t take much power to get it working meaning that, essentially, it can be taken anywhere and set up so long as there’s some source of electricity.

The machine supports multiple monitors, it stays relatively cool despite how hard it is working and it is as quite as a church mouse. Perfect for people who need a sense of solitude to be able to work proficiently. I, for one, think specific pieces of technology are fantastic ideas and if I any part of me wanted to write Light Novels I would absolutely be buying one of these.

The awesome thing is…they’re available now to purchase online, though you’ll have to navigate through a Japanese website to be able to do so. I’m sure you can figure it out: Click Here

There are three different models to choose from:

– The AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE-ES has a 2.5 GHz Celeron G1840T CPU, 4 GB of memory, and costs 73,419 yen (or $617).

– The AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE-SS uses a 3.1 GHz Core i3-4160T CPU and costs 85,299 yen ($717).

– The highest-end model, the AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE-HS, has a 2 GHz Core i5-4590T CPU and 8 GB of memory, and costs 98,259 yen ($826).

(They are encased in Antec ISK-110s, run Windows 8.1, and use 240 GB SSDs.)

Computer specs sourced from ANN.


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