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Compare the Pair – Digimon World: Next Order Presents Vita and PS4 Graphics Side by Side


Spot the difference

Oh how refreshing it is to be back in a world where Digimon games are seeing a Western release. No sarcasm there, simply genuine happiness. Doubly so considering that it is one of the few franchises that has tried to make use of the PS Vita, otherwise known as the world’s most under-utilised gaming device. That being said, Bandai Namco’s latest trailer for Digimon World: Next Order may just show reason for people’s aversion to the console. Handheld in nature, the Vita has never, and will never, compete visually with its more powerful, home-locked brother. Combined with the comparative lack of large scale releases, the Vita has seen far less attention outside of Japan. Of course this is a self fulfilling prophecy, as the lack of sales results in companies not porting to the Vita, resulting in a lack of sales, resulting in a lack of ports to the console. Nothing new there.

Regardless, the Western release of Next Order shall apparently only see a PS4 release and the trailer that is about to follow ultimately exists to show you what you’ll be missing…which is not a whole lot, barring portability. So enjoy the trailer, ponder what portability could have been and await your re-entry into the Digital World. Or just watch the trailer, you don’t have to buy the game. I can’t control you.


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