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Coming To America – “Yo-Kai Watch 3” And Second Anime Season Announced


A fair bit of pop culture news floating around the web right now has a great deal to do with the young but gargantuan Japanese franchise “Yo-Kai Watch” and as a fan of what this series has to offer I can’t help but be over-excited by what’s to come in the near future. The franchise is heading to the West thanks to companies like Hasbro, VIZ Media and Nintendo but over in Japan it simply continues to grow.

Announced only recently was the third instalment of the “Yo-Kai Watch” series of video games for the Nintendo 3DS which will now be set in the US of A! You’re darn tootin’, baby! Keita’s father up and got a job transfer to the land of the free and home of the brave, and he’s taking his family with him! Wherever Keita goes his companions Jibanyan and Whisper go which can only mean they’ll be causing some supernatural hijinks wherever they travel.

Showcased alongside the announcement of the new game was the second season of the “Yo-Kai Watch” Anime which will also be seeing a location change. Set in Saint Peanutsburg, both the game and the new Anime season will feature a new protagonist named Inaho who, like Keita, has her very own Yokai who’re, you guessed it, very much based on American culture: Nothing says America like an astronaut, a cheerleader, and a hamburger. Nothing.


According to Level-5, “Yo-Kai Watch 3” will be a game that somewhat represents constant growth and expansion. Basically this means that, every once in a while, Level-5 will release an update to the game that will add more on. Some people call these “Expansions”, others call them “Add-Ons”.

Some companies like to call them “DLC” and they charge out the butt for every single addition to a game that should have been released in its complete state. Hopefully this is NOT what Level-5 are going to do with “Yo-Kai Watch 3”. So far we’re to assume that these additions will be free until described otherwise…who knows what we’re to expect.

What’s even more awesome than simply hearing about a new “Yo-Kai Watch” Anime and video game is that Level-5 have actually released a trailer for each which, like any other trailer, is so damn exciting! Check them out, I’ve posted them both below for you to watch.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 Trailer:

Yo-Kai Watch Season 2 Trailer:


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