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Class Starts Now! – Funimation Acquires International Rights To My Hero Academia


What do you know about being a hero, huh? Being a hero takes guts, it takes bravery, it takes courage, it takes…wait, those are all kind of the same thing right? Damn, I don’t have any of those things, but do you know who does? A young man named Izuku Midoriya! Despite the fact that he doesn’t have any natural-born superhuman abilities, and most of the world around him does, he still dreams of one day being a great hero to rival that of All Might; his personal idol, and the world’s most powerful superhero.

My Hero Academia, the Manga written by Kohei Horikoshi, follows Izuku Midoriya’s story as he trains to become the greatest hero under the tutelage of All Might. The Manga that has taken the world by storm is about to have it’s very own Anime adaptation which, until just recently, was only going to be shown across the great country of Japan. Thanks to the wonderful people of Funimation, this series is now going to be broadcast in the West alongside that of it’s Japanese airing.


Yes, it’s true, Funimation have just acquired the international rights to the My Hero Academia Anime adaptation! This doesn’t just mean they will be streaming it to Western regions though, oh no! This particular acquisition has given them the rights to home video release, video on demand release, broadcast distribution and, the most exciting of all…merchandise! Plus Ultra, baby! Not only will we in the West be able to experience the Bones-developed Anime in all it’s superhero glory, we’ll also be able to soon buy so far undisclosed merchandise from the series. This is incredible news!

Starting at the same time as the Japanese television release, the 4th of April, Funimation will begin streaming the Japanese subtitled version of the Anime in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Unfortunately there is no word as of right now regarding an Australian release, but we over here in the great land of Oz are hoping that home-grown legends Madman Entertainment rush to acquire the rights to the Anime before anyone else can.

Fact is, none of this matters unless I have proof, right? So here’s your proof:


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