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Class is in Session Again – Danganronpa Another Episode Nets Some New Screenshots


Despair lies at the end of a Hacking Gun

Some students just can’t catch a break can they? Just when you think all of the craziness is over, when all of the problems of the world are on their way towards a solution, Monokuma pops his 50/50 face back into frame and stirs things up once more. This particular jaunt of chaos, Monokuma has stands alongside a group of unique children who have decided to create their ultimate paradise…by removing all adults.

Owing to its nature as “Another Episode” this particular instalment in the Danganronpa franchise takes a divergence from the established gameplay mechanics, adding some more action to the courtroom. Namely, this is done by giving you a Hacking Gun and taking you out of the courtroom…hooray for the justice process. In more official, and relevant-to-this-particular-article, terms:

“This new batch of screenshots demonstrates the power of the eight types of Truth Bullets in your arsenal. Switching between bullets such as Break, Burn, Dance, Detect, Knockback, Link, Move, and Paralyze, the player can control Komaru and utilize these in order to traverse Towa City. In addition, there are some screenshots that give a sneak peek of what kinds of Monokumas you may face!”

So enjoy learning a little bit more about the children that will draw from you much dread whence you venture into the world of Danganronpa once more. Be wary of children people, as horror movies have clearly shown, some of them are bad eggs. Especially the ones who invoke an ageist agenda, mired in slaughter.


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