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Clash of Characters – Project X Zone 2 Adds Some New Faces


Join forces once more

In the ever so popular realm of cross over titles, Project X Zone 2 has recently made it known that a few newbies will be joining the worl blending fray. Well, they’re not newbies per se, in fact they’ve been around for quite some time…just not in the X Zone world. But now they are. Thus, with little to no further ado, I shall list these characters below.


Sakura Wars

  • Sakura Shingujio
  • Gemini Sunrise

Streets of Rage

  • Axel Stone


Street Fighter

  • Ryu
  • Ken Masters

Ace Attorney

  • Phoenix Right
  • Maya Fey

Bandai Namco

God Eater

  • Ciel Alencon
  • Nana Kazuki

Summon Night

  • Aty

So there you have it, some new allies to help you fight evil come 2015 (the as of now vague release date for the game). In the mean time, why not enjoy some scenic shots of the nifty locales you are sure to visit on your series hopping quest. Can you guess where they’re from?


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