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‘Chihayafuru’ Live-Action Film Trailer Released, Looks Totally Amazing


It is no secret that Chihayafuru is one of my personal favourite anime series. It’s mix of shojo romance with the intensity and passion of a sports anime proved to be a winning combination for me. The series follows a young girl named Chihaya who falls madly in love with the Japanese card game of Karuta making friends along the way on her journey to become the greatest Karuta player in the world. It is far from your ordinary card game and the sheer majesty of the game is a huge part of what makes this such an incredible and beautiful series.

But that is just about enough of me gushing over just how great this series is, it is time to take a gander at the live-action cinematic adaptation of the series which is set to be split across two films. The film will star Suzu Hirose as Chihaya alongside Shuhei Nomura and Mackenyu as Taichi and Wataya respectively.

chihayafuru-live-action-1The first film which is to be titled Chihayafuru: Upper Phrase will hit the silver screen in Japan in March 2016 and the sequel Chihayafuru: Lower Phrase will launch in April 2016. Check out the trailer below to get a look at the live-action version of this amazing series. Spoiler alert: It looks totally amazing.


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