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Cheesy But Charming – Live-Action Terra Formars Film Full Trailer Released

Terra-Formars-Live-Action-Film-Production-Image-01In my humble opinion; Japanese director Takeshi Miike is one of the greatest filmmakers to ever exist. What makes him so good? Well, there are many different factors, as there usually is, but the most defining is his ability to adapt abnormal stories from Anime, Manga, and Japanese Pop Culture as a whole into worthwhile live-action films that not only do the source material justice, but that keeps audiences glued to screens regardless of their history with said source material. His upcoming film, a live-action representation of the hit Manga series Terra Formars written and illustrated by Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana respectively, is already exciting fans of the series the world over, and it only just got it’s first full trailer. Thus is the power of a Takeshi Miike’s illustrious career as an award-winning filmmaker.

Up until today, audiences had only seen short teasers of the film showing glimpses of what’s to come, which, as it usually does, worked well to accumulate some hype that will only serve this movie well. Then again…I am a little biased towards Takeshi Miike; he is my favorite director, and he’s never failed me in the past, so why would he now?! The official site for the upcoming movie todays updated to include a minute and a half video serving as the film’s first full trailer. Alongside action shots of the Terraformars, of which the series is aptly named, the video also happens to show the partial insect versions of the main characters; one of the two most exciting features of not only the series but the film. Hmm? What’s the other most exciting thing about the series? Well, the rocking bodies of the character cast of course! You don’t get sent on a combat mission to Mars without already having one hell of a good body, that’s for sure!

The 29th of April this year marks the official theatrical release of Terra Formars in cinemas across Japan, but because of just how popular a series this is, I can imagine that some Western distributor will eventually pick up it’s rights to either a home video release or a short theatrical release, but don’t quote me on that! Please. Now, as I mentioned in the article title; this film does look kind of cheesy at this point in time. It’s no mystery that the Japanese film industry doesn’t have the greatest reputation for realist use of CGI, but I think that it will work out for Terra Formars which seems to use a mix between that and practical effects. Trying to be as positive as I possibly can; I’m staying hopeful for this film, which just so happens to be an adaptation of one of my personal favorite Mangas, by a man who is my personal favorite director. If this ends up being a bad film…I may cry myself to death. Anyway, enjoy the trailer!


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