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Check Out What’s Changed In The New JJBA: Eyes Of Heaven Fighting Game


Please tell me you havn’t forgotten about Bandai Namco Games’ upcoming fighting title JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven?! You couldn’t have! Not yet! I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the game but that doesn’t mean we can just forget it!

Bandai Namco Games, the past Wednesday, released a brand-new gameplay trailer for the upcoming game that spotlights some of the new changes that have been made in recent development months.

These changes have come about thanks to a demo that they released a few months ago. Those who got their hands on a copy took the initiative and detailed to Bandai Namco just what it was they thought the game was lacking and how they thought the company could fix it. Being the kind developers and publishers they are, Bandai Namco Games took all of that into account and started fixing the game according to the words of the fans.

The new trailer that’s just been released shows off all of these changes and allows for us all to see just how a game can develop with a little word from those who’ve played it. There’s no release date for the game at this point in time but Bandai Namco never really leaves the pop culture world hanging for long so expect to hear something about it very soon.


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