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Check Out This New Ad For “The Last – Naruto The Movie” – It’s Short, Sweet And Awesome!


Fourteen seconds is all you need to prove a point, and the latest commercial for the upcoming ‘The Last – Naruto The Movie’ shows audiences exactly what it means to be fast and loud. The Manga series for the much-beloved Shonen tale ‘Naruto’ is just about to come to an end. I believe there’s only two chapters left before we say ‘bye bye’ to our favorite orange Ninja but that doesn’t mean he’ll be gone forever.

No, no. As ‘Shinedown’ say; “sometimes goodbye means a second chance” and that’s exactly what Naruto has gotten himself. Yes, despite the Manga coming to an end, there’s one more ‘Naruto’ movie on the way. One that will take place a few years in the future and will feature the famed hero in a more ‘mature’ role alongside his Leaf Village friends. The latest Japanese commercial for the movie has just been shared online by the powers at be and at a tiny fourteen seconds long it still somehow shows us enough to get pumped up for what’s to come.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, those of you who’re dedicated followers of us here at SnapThirty; “but I thought you hate Naruto, Frank”. This is true, I’m not too much of a fan of the series anymore but the shot of my favorite character, Kakashi, wearing the Hokage coat and accompanying hat in this ad fueled a fire within me that can only be quelled by watching this film.

Hopefully it’ll do the same to you as it did to me. Anyway, you scroll down just a little bit to watch the video and I’m just going to duck outside for a bit and practice my Ninja techniques of which I have but one…I’m not telling you what it is though. It’s THAT good. ‘The Last – Naruto The Movie’ is set to start showing in Japan on the 6th of December. The West will be getting it a little while after that. Don’t hold your breath.


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