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Check Out Kotobukiya’s New Trainer Red ARTFX J Pokemon Figure


Everybody seems to know who Ash Ketchum is, but all the true fans of Pokemon know who the true master is, and he doesn’t get handouts from his Mum back in Pallet Town that’s for sure! He’s a rough customer that, after his Pokemon journey came to an end, decided to traverse the harsh elements of Mount Silver, only to call the peak of said mountain his home. Many courageous trainers would follow in his footsteps, literally, just for the chance to challenge him, often loosing and perhaps perishing on the way back down the mountain. Red is the truest champion of the Pokemon world, and now thanks to Kotobukiya’s upcoming figure release, you will be able to harness his ultimate power and show it off to your friends.

Japanese retailers have now opened up pre-orders for this new item which is set for a November release. The Trainer Red ARTFX J figurine, which is accompanied by an equally bad-arse Pikachu, will set you back 9,180 Yen (about US$88), but it will be worth every penny because, well…just look at it! Designed by Hitoshi Ariga, who you may know worked on the latest series of Pokemon video game titles, it’s hard not to want to give up all of your money just to get your hands on this figure early, but if you just wait a few months it will only cost you $88 which, in the grand scheme of things, ain’t too bad.

Now I’m sure you’re looking for more information…so I’m going to hook you up! Click Here to head over to the official Kotobukiya page for this particular item to check out the intricate details of the figurine, then come back here and keep checking out these amazing pictures!


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