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Celebrate The Music Of “Final Fantasy VII” With The New Trailer For “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call”


I’ll be honest with you, reader; ‘Final Fantasy VII’ is really the only video game from the series that I actually know about in, somewhat, great detail. It isn’t that the series never piqued my interest, it is simply that I’m a product of my environment and, while growing up, it was never really saturated with the ‘Final Fantasy’ series. Now, as an adult, I feel as though I’m too separated from the series to get into it now…but I still love me some ‘Final Fantasy VII’ which somehow impacted my video game-playing life like no other storyline from the franchise.

Square Enix has today released the third episode of ‘The Legacy of Music’ a trailer-style video series that basically focuses on one of the ‘FF’ games featured in the upcoming ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call’ Nintendo 3DS title and this time around it just so happens to showcase some of the music from the high-acclaimed ‘Final Fantasy VII’. The video, of which you can see just below, takes the audience on a short ride through the auditoral world of ‘Final Fantsy VII’, bringing together some of the original crew from the game and also introducing their more contemporary re-designs as they were shown in the movie ‘Advent Children’ and in the prequel title ‘Crisis Core’. Here’s what ‘Square Enix’ had to say:

In 1997, FINAL FANTASY VII propelled the series to new heights. Utilizing the power of a new console, cutting edge graphical advances, and a mid-game twist that tugged on the heartstrings of every player, FINAL FANTASY VII became practically a household name. Giving even more depth to its world, the story was expanded in several follow-up titles, including -CRISIS CORE- FINAL FANTASY VII, a prequel, and FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN, a sequel movie, both of which are newly featured in THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL. – Square Enix

The 18th of September, put that date onto your calendar as the day ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call’ gets released across Australia and New Zealand for the Nintendo 3DS thanks to Square Enix.


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