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Capcom Reveals Mega Man’s Design For Upcoming Animated Series

Mega-Man-Animated-Series-Character-Design-01It’s been quite a while since the last time we heard any type of news regarding this new Mega Man animated television series project, in fact, the last time we did hear from Capcom regarding it…it was to announce it’s existence, and that was quite some time ago. The series, to be written and spearheaded by Ben 10’s Man Of Action, was revealed only to then quickly fade into obscurity some time later resurfacing to reveal the very first visual from the series, and that time is now! Capcom, in conglomeration with Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX Media, have revealed the design of the series’ protagonist Mega Man alongside some information about the series that, depending on who you are, may delight or infuriate you.

This series, despite it’s title, will not be the same Mega Man you’ve known and loved since the 90s. The character you see above is not a robot called Rock that is made into Mega Man through excessive body augmentation for the sake of battling Doctor Wiley’s Robot Masters, he is a young robot called Aki Light who, despite being a highly-dangerous android, is enrolled in Silicon City’s local school. Aki wants so much to just be a regular boy, but it is his duty to transform into Mega Man and save the city any time it is in danger, much like that of a Magical Girl series! His transformation will turn him into something akin to the Mega Man featured in the original series of video games, of which this animated series was said too be based off, even including his specialty Mega Buster.


The series will feature many recurring characters from Mega Man’s long franchise lineage, though as of right now the only other staple character confirmed for a return is that of Mega Man’s loyal canine sidekick; Rush. It has also been announced that a brand-new character specifically designed for the series will feature heavily, and it’s name is Mega Mini, which one can only theorise is a smaller version of Mega Man, judging by it’s name alone.

This information has only been in the public’s eye for a few hours now, and already fans of the franchise are upset not only about Mega Man’s new design for the series, but they’re also fairly upset about the story’s setting which changes seemingly minor details from the original story that, in actual fact, make up a great deal of Mega Man’s backstory and personality. Also there’s a character called Mega Mini…so, yeah.

The fact of the matter is; the proof is in the pudding. Man Of Action could totally blow fans out of the water and pull of a Mega Man animated series the likes of which we’ve never seen before, but we wont know until the series gets a release, and we wont know unless we give it a fighting chance. The television series is set for a release for a so far undisclosed time in 2017, but Capcom have commented that it will begin airing in time for the series’ 30th anniversary. More information to come as the months roll by, so stay tuned for that!



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