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Capcom Announces Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Anime Adaptation


It’s the Anime adaptation we’ve all been waiting for. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a series of video games with more titles than you could point at stick at, and enough fans across the world to have kept it alive and well for many years, with no end in sight. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is so popular that it’s pop culture reach spreads across many mediums: From Manga to live-action film, the Ace Attorney franchise has it’s hands in it all, except for Anime, oddly enough. That is…until today!

Capcom have announced that they are currently producing an Anime series based upon the long-running video game series which is to air across Japan in April of 2016. Judging from the image of the announcement panel from Tokyo Game Show 2015, it looks as though the Anime will cover, at least, the very first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney video game. Hopes are that the Anime continues long after the events of the first game, covering everything up to date…but that may be a little TOO hopeful. Regardless, people are very much excited for what’s to come, and rightfully so!

Capcom plan to release more information about the Anime series in the coming weeks and months so until then we’ll just have to be happy with the knowledge that this game will, soon enough, be it’s very own Anime. An exciting step for the world’s greatest attorney.


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