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Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection, Fans Not Impressed


Talk to enough people about Mega Man and you’ll soon come to realise the Blue Bomber is close to being pretty much dead. Fact is; it has been this way for quite some time, which makes it even more unfortunate. Some will say the kid robot still has what it takes to match more contemporary video game mascots but Capcom has already replaced him with Street Fighter’s Ryu and the man that created him no longer works for the company…so yeah.

Capcom, in an attempt to satiate the fans’ need for the side-scrolling legend, have announced a new video game collection that compiles the first six Mega Man games in the series’ lineup. You’d think this would be pretty exciting for those of us out there who still very much love the series, but…you’d be wrong.

After surfing the web for a bit, scouring comment sections and forums, I’ve come to understand that this attempt at reviving Mega Man has not worked entirely in Capcom’s favour. While few people showed genuine interest in the collection, most expressed nothing but disgust saying that this is simply Capcom’s attempt at swaying the gamer population away from buying Mighty No. 9. While I personally don’t agree with that, this is what the target audience is feeling.

nah they’re doing 1-6 because its cheaper and easier to port just in time to try to sway public attention from you know what coming out… – Budgiecat (Disqus)

The collection is supposed to be released with polished visuals and a few new game additions like a new Challenge Mode and a Museum Collection that allows you to see production art from all six games. The Mega Man Legacy Collection is set to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Summer, but the Nintendo 3DS version will not be released until Winter. The collection will only be distributed digitally and will set you back about $15 depending on where in the world you live.

Look…despite the view fans have of Capcom and this collection right now, chances are it’s going to sell fairly well. While Mega Man isn’t on the forefront of people’s minds anymore, we live in an age where retro is cool so anyone with a penchant for old-school gaming scrolling through the PSN or Xbox Marketplace will most likely pick this up and, chances are, those same people who complain will do the same. This is why companies do what they do.

We want to know what you all think of this. Is this collection worth our money and our time, or should Capcom be focussing on something worth while that isn’t some rerelease? Use the comments section below to give us your opinion. Before you do though, why don’t you check out the Mega Man Legacy Collection’s trailer:


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