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Busting Up Walls, Spinning On Poles – UPPERS’ New Previews Showoff Gameplay Mechanics


Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd? Well I know that feeling because, for me, it’s a constant. Why though? Is it because I cannot preserve worthwhile relationships with friends, family, or lovers? Is it because I feel as though I am the only individual left in this world full of carbon copies? Is it because I was stranded on a deserted island for a span of eight years and have still yet to get over my time there? No! That’s all wrong! Why would you even assume that! I feel utter loneliness because it seems as though I’m the only one really excited for Marvelous’ upcoming brawler title UPPERS.

For a while there, it seemed as though this game was on the edge of being cancelled. From having new trailers released every couple of weeks, it went to not hearing about it for quite some time…and then the indefinite delay period came about. It was almost an utter tragedy for those of you out there like me who enjoy some juvenile delinquent action reminiscent of my personal favorite game Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble. Thankfully Marvelous pulled through, and was back on the path of releasing this game. Now UPPERS is still in development, but that doesn’t mean Marvelous can’t give us a visual update on it: The quirky development studio recently updated the UPPERS official website with two new short preview videos showcasing a couple gameplay mechanics they seem to be quite proud of.


Alongside the ability to motorboat women to gain extra power, UPPERS will also allow you to interact with the environment by destroying walls, and using enemies as poles for you to spin around on in an attempt to defeat more enemies. While the whole “destroying walls” thing has been done before…never have we seen a man stab the ground with another man, then use his stiff body as a tool to defeat other men like him. THIS is what makes Japan great, THIS is what fuels my love for it’s products, and THIS is what is going to make UPPERS the greatest video game of all time.

UPPERS is scheduled for a release across Japan on the 14th of July this year, with no word regarding localisation yet spoken. My hope is that, sooner rather than later, some international representative of Marvelous reveals that we will indeed by seeing this game hit local shores, but until that happens…I’m just going to have to keep watching these short gameplay videos.

Wall Breaking Gameplay:

Pole Spin Gameplay:


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