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Bushiroad Booth, Playing Cards With Buddies – EB Expo 2014

buddyfight-eb-expo-1Card Games Enthusiasts were out in full force at EB Expo 2014, with the bustling Bushiroad booth booming with business and Cardfighters getting down to business. The big hit card game of EB Expo was undoubtedly the newest game on the scene, FutureCard Buddyfight.

I rocked up to the booth and noticed immediately that their was a Cardfight Vanguard tournament taking place later during the day with a huge gold trophy going to the victor. Knowing that I suck at Cardfight Vanguard I aptly decided not to sign up for fear of being squashed by the mighty fist of a Cardfight master. Instead I set my eyes on FutureCard Buddyfight and was given a tutorial by the cool dudes from Oz Animart.

Upon beginning my tutorial game I learned that Buddyfight has a lot of similarities to Vanguard however there are some significant differences present. In particular the game’s gauge system and Buddy Call abilities. I got the feeling that Buddyfight is a more simplified version of Vanguard. While Vanguard relies on heavy strategic play, Buddyfight works largely on luck of the draw rather than skill. Which some fans would like and others would find too simple and unsophisticated.

Let's Go, Buddy!

Let’s Go, Buddy!

The simplicity of Buddyfight is the key to what makes it so fun and unpredictable. It most closely resembles the virtual card game Hearthstone in play style and rules and as such is every bit as fun. You have a Flag card which is representative of you and you also have a Buddy card which is representative of your friend. If you draw a double of your Buddy you activate your Buddy Call effect and power. In order to damage your opponent you must attack your opponents Flag, taking out their monsters in the foreground beforehand of course.

I feel that Hearthstone fans will find a lot of enjoyment in FutureCard Buddyfight, more so than fans of Cardfight Vanguard as a matter of fact. Which is honestly quite interesting considering both Buddyfight and Vanguard come from Bushiroad.

Following my tutorial play of FutureCard Buddyfight I received some awesome freebies from the guys at Oz Animart including two flash decks for Buddyfight, a DVD of the anime series and even a volume of the manga series. It is a great way to raise awareness for this new card game and an awesome introduction into what is undoubtedly a cool card game.

If you’re interested in checking out FutureCard Buddyfight or any other great Bushiroad titles check out Oz Animart.

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