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Building a Helping Hand – Japanese Company Strives to Create Affordable Prosthetic Arm


Future technology with present pricing

No, this isn’t the plot for a film. Technology is pretty amazing people and it is progressing in leaps and bounds to what we once thought was impossible. Now, prosthetic limbs have been around for a while now, with newer iterations bringing increases in capability and function. Whilst still far from a fully articulate replacement limb, one Japanese company is at least trying to bring the technology that does exist down to a lower price point.

exiii Inc. (the aforementioned company) is attempting to combine the concept of robotic prostheses with the rather newly popularised medium of 3D printing. With the intention of utilising open-source code, the company aims to create a market of varied, affordable prosthetic arms, currently dubbed handiii.

Kazuki Nagata of The Japan Times held an interview with exiii Inc. co-founder Genta Kondo, regarding their processes and vision.

Source: The Japan Times


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