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Bravely Second – Meet The Three Musketeers

Bravely-Secon-Title-Image-01Seeing as how well Square Enix’s ‘Bravely Default’ Nintendo 3DS video game sold, it’s no surprise that a new one had already already announced to be in development only a few months after initial release. With new games, obviously, comes new stories and the tale that is prepped to be told in the upcoming sequel ‘Bravely Second’ is one that centers around three skilled warriors who call themselves the ‘Three Musketeers’.

Yuu, Jean and Nikolai will occpy most of your team in ‘Bravely Second’ and will be utilizing their combat training to help you cut down every enemy that stands in your way. Square Enix have today released a new Japanese trailer for the game that introduces you to these three men. Though entirely in Japanese, I’m sure you’ll all somewhat understand what it is that’s being said.

It helps that information regarding these characters have been floating around on the web for a while now. Japan will be getting ‘Bravely Second’ sometime this Winter and us in the West will hopefully be getting it soon after that. Until it reaches local shelves, just enjoy the videos, screenshots and genertal information Square Enix has and will continue to provide. Speaking of which, we have provided the latest trailer below. Enjoy!


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