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Blood Blockade Battlefront Returns For Season Two In 2017

blood-blockade-battlefront-and-beyond-unofficial-release-01Blood Blockade Battlefront was the sleeper hit Anime of 2015 that, despite not garnering a mainstream level of popularity, is a series much loved by most Anime fans across the globe. Strange, right? Well it’s no Attack On Titan, nor is it One-Punch Man, but for those “in the know” it was one of the hottest Anime titles of the year. Based on a Manga by Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow, B3, as it was shortened to, centred around a supernatural defence agency located in the remains of New York after a devastating catastrophe of God-like proportions.

Diverting from the source material, B3 featured an original ending that seemed to me as though it was pretty final, but it has just been unofficially revealed that a second season is planned for a 2017 release under the altered name “Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond“. This is unofficial because the magazine this will appear in has yet to be released, but an early edition of the so far unnamed publication has been acquired and pictures of it have been distributed across the web.

Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond will have a different writing and directing staff, with the season being spearheaded by one Shigehito Takayanagi (Dagashi Kashi), the head writer will now be Yasuko Kamo (also of Dagashi Kashi fame), and thankfully Toshihiro Kawamoto and Taisei Iwasaki will be returning as both head designer and head of music production respectively.

Only the Gods, and those on the production crew, know what arc this season will follow. Perhaps they will return to the source material and take something right from the Manga, or perhaps they will continue the streak and create something of their own accord. Either way, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond is going to rock ultimate much in the way anything created by Yasuhiro Nightow does. He is the King Midas of Manga!


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