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Blood Blockade Battlefront – First Anime Preview Released


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Oh damn! It’s here! It’s finally here! The very first Anime preview of the upcoming Manga series adaptation “Blood Blockade Battlefront” has finally been posted and it…doesn’t exactly preview the Anime BUT it does work well to build hype so it’s doing something right!

Yes, Yasuhiro Nightow’s latest Manga masterpiece “B3” is being brought to the small screen thanks to Studio BONES sometime in 2015 and today the world as been delivered the very first preview which introduces audiences to the setting of the story as well as a couple of the main characters. Vaguely.

Right now all we know is that the Anime is coming and it’s going to be damn awesome! For more information on it, I wrote up an article regarding its announcement only about a week or so ago which you can check out by Clicking Here. For now, until we get to see more of the Anime, enjoy the preview.


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