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‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ Finale Delayed, Recap To Air Instead, Sound Echoing Around World is Collective Groan


Bit of bad news in for Blood Blockade Battlefront fans. The finale of the wildly popular anime series has been delayed until July 4th for reasons currently unknown. Yes groan away B3 fans, it is your given right afterall. But do not fret because Tokyo MX and its affiliate channels have got something that will satisfy your hunger for more blood breed battles – a recap episode.

Alright now before you get your pitchforks out, it must be said that although the delay has pushed the finale back until July 4th, it doesn’t seem to explain the conflicting schedule of an episode of Durarara x2 which is also locked in for the same timeslot. Wait that isn’t a pleasing tidbit that will calm down the irate fandom. Well, I guess fans should just deal with it B3 style by going buck wild and a little bit nuts.

In related news original creator and author of Blood Blockade Battlefront, Yasuhiro Nightow, has yet to comment on the situation because no one has bothered asking him yet. Anyone got his number?

Stay tuned for more details on this whole delay thing as it comes to light. In the mean time enjoy a recap episode and try not to break your keyboard with those rage tweets you’ve got lined up.

Source: Otakomu


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