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Beyond the Boundary anime film announced for 2015

beyond-the-boundaryKyoto Animation’s Beyond the Boundary is literally going beyond the boundary of TV and straight through to the silver screen with a film of Beyond the Boundary confirmed for Spring 2015. The announcement was made in the Blu-Ray bundled release of volume 7 of the anime series.

The series is of course based upon the popular light novel of the same name. It is a magic-filled dark fantasy anime focused on a girl named Mirai who has the odd ability to manipulate blood, slowly but sure a disturbing series of events unfold as Mirai’s world is turned upside down.

No details on a specific release date or content of the film have been confirmed but more Beyond the Boundary is always welcome. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the film as it comes to light.

Source: Otakomu


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