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Best Buy’s Pre-Order Bonus For Xenoblade Chronicles X Is High On Taste But Low On Nutrition


Most, if not all, video game retailers like to give small gifts as incentive for pre-ordering upcoming games. We call these pre-order bonuses, and they’re usually pretty sweet. Some new titles come with full-sized replicas of in-game weapons, others come with a redeemable voucher that unlocks extra download content for zero the cost. Whatever the case, the extras are usually good enough to entice you into sinking money into a title early. Nintnedo’s upcoming Wii U title, Xenoblade Chronicles X, is an Action/RPG about gigantic mechs fighting grotesque beasts on a planet in the process of being terraformed…so why is it that Best Buy is giving away ten dollar pizza vouchers to those who pre-order the game now?

No, you didn’t misread: Best Buys all across North America, as a pre-order incentive, are giving away coupon codes that can only be redeemed through this website: Click Here. Instead of offering players a small figurine, or some extra costumes for characters, Best Buy feels as though the ultimate way to enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles X is by being given almost the right amount of money for a free pizza. It honestly seems as though Best Buy are trying to drive customers elsewhere, possibly to establishments that are offering more than just…pizza, but it doesn’t actually seem as though any other video game retailer have announced anything regarding pre-order bonuses for the game so Best Buy may actually be your best bet.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be hitting North America on the 4th of December, so start heating up your ovens now because you’ll need to keep the pizza warm for another month just so you can enjoy eating it while you enjoy the game itself. For us Australians out there; don’t fret, the game will be coming out here on the 5th of December, so essentially we’ll be getting it at the same time as our North American friends, albeit with no pizza unfortunately.


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