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Begin a New Quest – Dragon Quest Heroes Presents Day One Bonuses


Now those are some goo-d items

As the latest instalment in a long standing franchise, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below has a few fans looking forward to October 15th. If you live in Australia or New Zealand that is, on account of that being the release date for said countries. Anywhere, Square Enix has announced, as most gaming companies tend to these days, some nice little bonuses for all those Dragon Questers who pre-order the Day One Edition of the game.

This edition will feature five items themed after the rather well known Slime enemies who permeate the franchise. Specifically, this takes the form of a Slime Sword, Gooey Gloves, Goomerang, Squishing Rod and Gungenir. So look forward to all of that, though I’m admittedly doubtful of the effectiveness of a sword made of goo. It isn’t a name that inspires a feeling of terror…or sharpness.

So, since October 15th is decidedly far away from this moment (unless you’re reading this in October, in which case hello from the past) why not enjoy a few screenshots and a trailer. I’ll even make it easy by putting them right here in this very article. Aren’t I a nice guy?


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