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Beelzemon Replica Jacket Announced For Digimon’s 15th Anniversary


About two days ago (from the time this article was written) we got word from Bandai themselves that they, for the 15th anniversary of ‘Digimon’, will be releasing something very special. Now this piece of news came in the form of a teaser image that depicted two silhouettes reminiscent of the original ‘Digivices’ which belonged to characters Tai and Matt.

This particular product has yet to be official announced but we here at SnapThirty have a pretty good idea of what it is. Here’s the thing; we thought that was going to be the end of it. We thought they would tease a huge release and that’s it but we were silly for doing so because news has come out of Japan today which details another ‘Digimon’ release related to it’s 15th anniversary.


It was announced that a replica Beelzemon jacket alongside a leather card holder and t-shirt both designed around the leather-clad biker will also be released as part of the celebratory period which will last hopefully from now until at least the end of the year. The replica jacket looks as bad-arse as the Beelzemon himself and will be sold (approximately) for over a grand. You’re definitely paying for what you get with this purchase. It’s real leather, readers, you can’t go wrong with something like that. I’ll say this much; I know people who have payed a lot more for a lot less so a Beelzemon jacket going for 1K (in comparison) is nothing.



The second item that was announced is the leather card holder with Beelzemon insignia which will be sold for about $30. That’s not too bad seeing as, once again, it’s real Italian leather which is apparently really high quality. I’m of Italian origin and I didn’t even know our leather was that good. I thought it was just our pizza. The last piece of Beelzemon-themed merchandise comes in the form of a t-shirt which just so happens to feature the Beelzemon emblem which is displayed across the chest. This little number will go for just about as much as the leather card holder so if you’re strapped for cash and can only buy one of those two items…make sure you choose wisely. How badly do you need a card holder? Isn’t your bare pocket good enough for your cash and credit cards?


Releasing alongside these three Beelzemon items is one that lacks the appearance of the devilish destroyer. Going for the same price as both the Beelzemon shirt and card holder is a ‘Digimon’ bar mat which depicts the ‘Digimon’ team from season one of the series in their rookie forms. Just got home from work? Want to crack open a cold one but don’t have anything ‘Digimon-related’ to rest your beverage on? Problem solved. Now here’s the next problem; no information was actually released as to where you can purchase these particular items.

It IS a conglomeration project between Bandai of Japan and Toei Animation so I’m sure you’ll be able to purchase them through the Premium Bandai store but nothing was said about preorder or even official release dates so you’ll just have to keep an eye out for when they are made available. Don’t stress though, SnapThirty has your back. Stick to the site and we’ll hook you up with the ‘primo’ information once it is released. It looks to me like there’s a lot in store for ‘Digimon’ over the coming weeks and months.

With this year being the 15th anniversary of the series I can’t help but think the forces behind it will bring us more and more good stuff each week until we, once again, fully appreciate the fantastic franchise. Bring it on, ‘Digimon’! Show us what you got!

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    I can’t find this jacket in the Bandai store, I think it’s alread gone

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