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Beauty and the Ultra Beast – Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer Details UB-02


Well? Answer the nice picture’s question

Ultra Beasts; the new hotness that are taking the world of Pokemon by storm…maybe, I can’t corroborate that, but it sure does sound exciting doesn’t it? With the jellyfish/hat that is UB-01 already as revealed as mystery allows, it is time to numerically move on. UB-02, that’s where it’s at. That being said, this number is one that exists twice over and does so in two very different forms.

Split between Sun and Moon as version differences, it seems as if the twain shall never meet and these two forms will retain plot device distance from each other. For the bright inclined, UB-02 takes the form of Absorption, a buff Mosquito man that looks as if it could punch through anything stupid enough to get in its way. For those leaning towards darkness, UB-02 appears as Beauty, a lithe mantis woman who is said to outrun lightning should it so be inclined. So pretty tough customers, not that you could gather that from a name like Ultra Beast. As far as their role in the story itself, details remain purposefully vague, other than to show that they will have a role. Good? Bad? Who knows? Not us. Still, it’s pretty cool to see some new stuff from the Alola region and perhaps this latest reveal will make choosing which version you want to buy easier. Which is always appreciated.


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