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Bandai Releases A New Trailer For The Classic Digivice, Praise Jesmon!


You may not quite be aware but this year marks the 15th anniversary for the much-loved monster taming series “Digimon: Digital Monsters”. What started off as a range of combat-ready virtual pets developed specifically for young men has now become one of the world’s most well-known merchandising juggernauts second only to that of “Pokemon”, and I’m not even sure that’s entirely correct. Despite it’s drop off in popularity here in the West, “Digimon” has stayed in the hearts of all the fans that grew up with it and has continued to thrive over in it’s birthplace Japan.

Fifteen years later, the pop culture world is preparing to celebrate the franchise’s many years of growth and prosperity. Bandai, the company behind “Digimon”, is very much leading those preparations by releasing a slew of new “Digimon-based” items as well as re-releasing some of the “classics”. One I’m sure you all know about is the original “Digivice” which has undergone a bit of an upgrade and is on the verge of a secondary release to contemporary audiences. Despite hearing of this a while ago, hype is still swelling! Even moreso now that Bandai have released an official trailer detailing even more about the new but old devices.

Set for a July release, these “Digivices” will come packed with all the things you loved about them all those years ago but with a whole bunch more. Not only will each of the initial “Digimon” crew have access to their Mega forms of which were never shown in the series nor on the original “Digivice”, but you’ll also be able to call upon the might of two Royal Knights to help you in your quest for peace: Omnimon, who we all know is the combination of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, and Jesmon who you may NOT have heard of before…he definitely wasn’t in the first season of the series and he definitely didn’t appear on the original “Digivice”.

This Holy Knight, who’s name is apparently derived from the Christian deity Jesus, will be made available to you, the player, somewhere in the “Digivice’s” story. It, alongside all of its pre-Digivolutions, I’m sure will prove to be incredible additions to the cast seeing as it’s final form is, umm, based off of Jesus?

So far this has only be announced for a Japanese release but I, alongside every other “Digimon” fan, are praying for a Western release.


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