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Bandai Premium Reveals The Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice


Don’t be confused by the long name, and don’t be confused by the product itself, this is not a crazy knock-off toy, and this is NOT the same Digivice model Bandai announced quite some time ago in celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary…this product is on an entirely different level.  Most fans of Digimon, back when it first burst onto the scene, got the rare chance to grab themselves one of the original Digivices. I, unfortunately, was a little late to the party, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the snacks and drinks. A while back, Bandai revealed that they will be releasing two new versions of the original Digivice; one modeled after Tai’s unit and the other modeled after Matt’s. Those, as mentioned above, were developed and released in celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary. While they did have some connection to brand-new series of movies titled Digimon Adventure Tri, they were mostly brought back to build hype and excite those of us who were fans long ago.

As if that weren’t enough to get us all red-hot, Bandai Premium have announced overnight that they will be releasing a newer model of the device called the Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Device which, unlike all that have come before it, will do much more than allow you to go on a pixel-based digital adventure. The new model, based entirely off of the new series of films, will play in much the same way as the old devices, albeit with better character models and newer in-game mechanics, but the most exciting thing about this item is that it has been designed to be much more than just another Digivice; it has been designed to give fans the true Digidestined experience.


No, no, it won’t react to your computer monitor and send you flying into a world of digital monsters…the world just isn’t ready for that right now unfortunately. What this new Digivice features are sound effects and lights that react to whatever is going on within the actual game. This is not JUST a toy for those wanting to play with a Digivice one more time, while that is why I’ll be buying it, it’s so much more! This is an item for the die-hard Digimon fan, this is an item for the cosplayer that wants to intricately and accurately portray one of their favorite digital heroes, this is for the Digidestined in us all who just wants to experience, even for a split second, what it would be like to have the fate of two world in our hands…this is the ultimate Digimon fan’s item and it goes up for pre-order on the 31st of this month.

Pre-orders will go all the way up until the 24th of September with an estimated delivery date at sometime within December. Surely as the month grows closer, Bandai Premium will update the item’s page to reflect a more specific release and delivery date but, as of right now, that’s kind of up in the air. Either way, the Bandai Premium official website is just a click away, so make sure you head there now to pre-order your Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice before all the allocations are filled. Also, feel free to refer your boyfriend, girlfriend, or other loved one to this article so as to give them a pretty glaring hint at what you’d like for your next big present. Hint, hint.



  1. Cakcibor says

    Are sure this digivice are same as the previus digivice. It dont have the battle connection metal at the top of this nee digivice

  2. Dr-Roflcopter says

    I would have apreciated credit for my artwork that you used.

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