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Bandai Namco Releases Five Minute Trailer For One Piece: Burning Blood


We know, we know, you’re all pretty freaking jazzed about the upcoming One Piece fighting game Burning Blood. How do we know? Well, hell…because we’re damn excited to! Often when a One Piece game is developed, it’s usually handled by Omega Force who love to make Warriors-style titles that pit one against many. That’s why we have three One Piece: Pirate Warriors currently available for purchase across almost all home consoles. Japan are fine, they seem to get handheld One Piece fighting game titles, so to them Burning Blood is just another one to add to the long list, but for us here in the West, well…this is on par with being a miracle.

Burning Blood, unlike other mainstream One Piece video game titles, does not have players facing off against countless enemies, attacking horde after horde until one area is liberated, then moving onto another. Oh no no, One Piece: Burning Blood is a full-on fighting title that pits Logia Users against Haki Masters in ways we’ve yet to see until now. Bandai Namco Entertainment, being the brilliant company that it is, has today decided to drop a five minute trailer for the upcoming game that shows most, if not all, of the playable characters alongside their movesets and special techniques.

Instead of me rattling on paragraph after paragraph, I’m just going to let you watch the trailer. As mentioned; it goes for five full minutes, so sit back, relax, make yourself a sandwich, eat the sandwich, wash it down with your bevarage of choice, maybe hit the restroom, splash some water on your face to wake yourself up…then sit down to watch the trailer, fully alert and prepared for the excitement to ensue. One Piece: Burning Blood does not yet have a specific release date for the West, but we do know that it will be hitting Japan on the 26th of April, so you can expect it sometime after that. Japan will be getting the game for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita, with the West getting it for those same two consoles…plus the Xbox One for some unknown reason.


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