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Bandai Namco Games Is Getting Another Name Change


I’ve been alive for about twenty years at this point in time and, I’ve got to be honest…I’m getting pretty bored of my name. Frank…that’s kind of simple. I really should change my name. Maybe I should change it every couple of years to stave off the monotony of having a single name for my entire life. You know who has it right? Bandai Namco Games.

Well, no actually, what I should be calling them is “Bandai Namco Entertainment” because, starting in April of next year, the video game developer/publisher is changing their name once again! Originally it was Namco Bandai Games for many years but in recent times the company leaders decided that fans of the industry juggernaut needed to be about twenty percent more confused when referring to them so they changed their name to Bandai Namco Games.

Now, at the end of 2014, the company has come out and announced that they will be changing their name once again to fit in with their new image that doesn’t necessarily just revolve around video games but all around entertainment. Hence the “Entertainment” in the new name.

This change in our name allows us to redefine the scope of our business as lying not solely just within games, but rather more broadly within entertainment as a whole…In doing so, we seek the continued growth of our company through a new, yet wholly recognizable network that will be utilized for expansion into service and contents ventures. – Bandai Namco Games

The good thing is that this change is still about four months away so use your free time over the holiday season to familiarise yourself with the new name. Record it and play it back over and over again. Stare into a mirror and whisper it at yourself. Tattoo it on your forearm and explain the significance of it to everyone you meet. There are plenty of ways to remember something, you just have to find YOUR way.

Me? I’m going to continue messing up in articles, calling the company “Bandai Namco Games” just to then freak out and go back into it to edit. That’s the Frank Ingl-NO! That’s the Rock Lockage way! Oh, my new name is so cool!


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